Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Explained ...

Hello and welcome to my hypnosis and hypnotherapy web site! It's not intended to be flashy looking, just simple and functional and I hope to bring you good quality information and articles so you can understand and use hypnosis or hypnotherapy in your daily life. I'm a trained hypnotherapist and with my colleagues around the world we will provide a number of articles which we hope will answer some of your questions. Although hypnosis is a natural phenomenon, exploited in one form or another throughout history, it is in modern hypnotherapy that it reaches its most functional expression and can help with a wide range of problems.

Hypnosis is a natural state, deeply connected to the functioning of the brain / mind system, with huge and as yet largely unexplored potential. Paradoxically the earliest scientific investigation was in the area of pain control and many surgical operations were carried out with its use - nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular once again, especially in the area childbirth. Hypnotherapy has long been connected with habit breaking and mild addictions, such as nail biting and stopping smoking but in skilled hands it can also help with severe phobias, compulsion and anxiety.

These days excessive stress has been highlighted for its ability to affect health and here again this type of therapy can provide a solution, particularly as it relates to high blood pressure. It is not a cure all but where the problem is seemingly held in place within your own unconscious mind hypnosis can be used to effect relief.We intend to bring some free hypnotherapy downloads to these pages and you may aleady find some MP3's appending various articles. There may also be some downloadable professional hypnosis sessions you can use right away for a small fee. The site is growing week by week so remember to come back later and see what's new.

If you are a qualified hypnotherapist and have an original article you would like to share on this web site please email me at: hypnosisonline@btinternet.com